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Quotes from actual Aqua Platform customers about their experiences with our managed application hosting service for Revive Adserver.

We self-hosted the ad server for our group of radio station websites and quickly realized that our website’s hosting platform wasn’t cut out to host an ad server. The admin interface was sluggish, which caused each website serving banners to slow down. Updating it was always a pain and took a few hours of the day. When we discovered Aqua Platform, it was a no-brainer. They took care of migrating the files over to their specialized hosting environment, and we no longer have to worry about updating the software when new versions come out – they do all of it for us. Plus, the system is lightning fast now.

Travis McGinnis

Technical Marketing Manager, Leighton Interactive, USA

Revive Adserver is a smart solution for our inventory, and we’re fully satisfied about the service we receive from Aqua Platform.

Francesco di Cataldo

CEO, Publy, Italy/Ireland

Thank you again for the additional work and research on this. As always, we appreciate you and your team; you are one of the few service providers that actually provides quality service and solutions.

Gerald Blakeslee

Digital Operations Director, Hour Media, US

Thank you for your help and support. We’ve started using the Ad Server and it works beyond our expectations!

Guido Pistasoli

Technology Director, Tango Digital Agency, Argentina

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We’ve been using Revive Adserver for years, but were unable to find a good hosting provider to scale up, and provide the specialized infrastructure required to get ad server responses in a matter of milliseconds. After bad experiences with some of the biggest Swiss hosting companies, we decided to try Aqua Platform. The results are just stunning, and we positively recommend these guys.

Yannick Guerdat

Director, Artionet, Switzerland

We started using Revive Adserver only a couple of months ago, but we are already fully satisfied with the software. Thanks to the hosting by Aqua Platform, we are deploying our advertising strategy much faster than we anticipated, and we are seeing great results.

Asier Lozano

Online Marketing Manager, Ticketea, Spain

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