Statistics are Faster Now

by Jun 19, 2024Featured, Technical

Tremendous growth in nearly a decade

Since starting our hosting infrastructure in early 2015, Aqua Platform has been growning significantly. What we envisioned back then has proven itself more than once.

Our shared hosting service, Aqua Ad Server, supports hundreds of subscribers and even more active users. Additionally, we host the large-scale Revive Adserver Hosted edition, which surpasses Aqua Ad Server in size.

Growing Service and Reporting Delays

With this growth, the size of our databases and the number of users have increased tremendously. Over time, we observed that this expansion led to some reporting delays. Retrieving campaign and site statistics sometimes took longer than desired, especially on Mondays and at the start of each month when user activity peaks.

When reports took more than a few seconds, users would often hit the Refresh button repeatedly, triggering multiple database queries that further slowed down the system. This frustration not only affected users but also impacted other processes, such as the hourly statistics update, making the entire system slower.

Improving Reports Performance

Instead of simply adding more hardware and resources to the platform, we decided to address the root cause. We optimized the code responsible for generating database queries in the Revive Adserver software, removing outdated elements that were causing delays.

After these optimizations, we thoroughly tested the results to ensure both accuracy and speed.

The improvements have been remarkable, with reporting speeds measuring up to 100 times faster!

With faster report generation, users are less likely to repeatedly hit the Refresh button out of frustration, leading to a smoother and more efficient experience.

Everybody Wins!

We first implemented the improved code for on-screen statistics in the Revive Adserver Hosted edition in early June 2024.

After seeing very positive results, we proceeded to roll out these enhancements to all dedicated Revive Adserver systems, and the Aqua Ad Server system.

Our customers and subscribers now enjoy much faster on-screen statistics.

Additionally, the efficiency gains mean we do not need to add more hardware resources, allowing us to maintain our rates and fees while providing a better user experience.

These code optimizations have also been committed to the Revive Adserver open-source project and will be included in a future release. This ensures that every user of the Revive Adserver Download edition can also benefit from these improvements.

This success story highlights the advantages of merging the Revive Adserver open-source project with a commercial operation like Aqua Platform, benefiting all parties involved.