Revive Adserver v5.5 released

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Featured, Revive Adserver

revive-adserver-logo-h100pxRevive Adserver v5.5 has been released on September 13, 2023.

Revive Adserver v5.5.0 introduces VAST2 functionality for advanced video ads, and fixes some small bugs and a very low-risk security issue.

Update schedule
Following the release of this new version on September 13, we’ve ran a comprehensive testing program to ensure the new version runs reliably on our platform and maintains our high performance standards.

Next, we created an update schedule for all dedicated Revive Adserver instances we host for our customers, and for our Aqua Ad Server system. The tentative plan is to update all of the systems we host to the new version 5.5 of the Revive Adserver software before the end of October 2023.

Users will be made aware that their system has been updated by a note in the header bar of the ad management console, saying “Now v5.5!” which will link to this blog post.

Revive Adserver Hosting

If you have an existing, self-hosted installation of Revive Adserver, still running an older version, and would like to benefit from our expertise by migrating it to our platform, then have a look at our Dedicated Revive Adserver hosting service. As part of the migration, and at no extra charge, we will update your system to the newest version of Revive Adserver, and we will keep it up to date afterwards with every new release.

Aqua Ad Server

If you’re not yet using Revive Adserver but would like to do so, then we would like to recommend having a look at our Aqua Ad Server offering. The same easy to use, powerful Revive Adserver software, running on the same platform, and of course with great support.