Frequently Asked Questions

about Aqua Platform


What is the difference between Aqua Ad Server and Revive Adserver Hosting?

First of all, there are several similarities:

  • Both use the world-renowned, open source Revive Adserver software
  • Both run on the enterprise grade, highly reliable Aqua Platform
  • Both are supported by some of the world's most experienced Revive Adserver experts and engineers.

Aqua Ad Server is ideal for individuals, start ups, and organisations looking for an easy to use, powerful, affordable ad server, typically coming from another ad server like DFP / Google Ad Manager.

Revive Adserver Hosting is for organisations that already have an existing, self-hosted installation, and who want to migrate to the powerful Aqua Platform.

Questions about Revive Adserver software

What is Revive Adserver?

revive-adserver-logo-h50pxRevive Adserver is an open source ad serving system, created and maintained by a project team with the same name. More information about the open source project can be found on their website.

Can anyone use Revive Adserver?

Yes, since Revive Adserver is open source software, you do not need permission from anyone to use it. This is in contrast to the commercial services like Google DFP. These often refuse to create an account, when the site it is going to be used on has (in their view) questionable content.

If your site is legal, however, we will be perfectly happy to host your existing Revive Adserver system for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an existing Revive Adserver installation, then our Aqua Ad Server might be just what you need!

Questions about Getting Started on Aqua Platform

Can my existing, self-hosted Revive Adserver installation be migrated to Aqua Platform?

Yes, that is exactly what we designed this service for. We have created a detailed description of the migration process for you. It takes a little bit of time, but the good news is that most of the work is done by Aqua Platform’s experienced on-boarding team.

To get started, just review our pricing plans and sign up to become our newest customer.

I don't have an existing Revive Adserver installation, what can Aqua Platform do for me?

For your situation, we created Aqua Ad Server. It’s a powerful, full-featured ad serving system, running on the same Aqua Platform infrastructure that we also use for hosting all other dedicated Revive Adserver systems.

Just take a look at the pricing plans available for Aqua Ad Server, and then subscribe to be up and running in no-time.

Questions about Pricing 

Is there a maximum number of sites for our pricing plan?

No, you can use one, two, or as many websites and zones as you would like, with any pricing plan.

Questions about Subscriptions and Payments

How do I pay for my Aqua Ad Server account?

For Aqua Ad Server, you’ll get started by signing up and setting up a subscription. While doing so, you will have to enter the details of a credit card.

In the first month, a pro-rated amount will be charged, based on the number of days remaining in that month.

On the first calendar day of each new month, your card will be charged with the renewal payment for that month.

How do I pay for Revive Adserver Hosting?

On the day that the migration of your existing Revive Adserver system to Aqua Platform is completed, you will receive an email from your account manager, inviting you to subscribe to the appropriate pricing plan.

In the first month, a pro-rated amount will be charged, based on the number of days remaining in that month.

On the first calendar day of each new month, your card will be charged with the renewal payment for that month.

Will I receive an invoice for my payments?

Yes, every time our system charges your credit card successfully, an invoice will be generated, for your records and bookkeeping.

The invoice will be sent to you by email, as an attachment to your renewal payment confirmation.

You can also download all past invoices from the ‘my account’ page on our website.

Do you offer other payment methods besides credit cards?

When you subscribe to the Barista pricing plan (for Revive Adserver hosting), or to the Custom pricing plan (for Aqua Ad Server), one of our account managers will contact you to arrange the most suitable invoicing and payments process.

Any other pricing plans are offered only with the subscriptions model and credit card payments.

Can I change the credit card for an existing subscription?

Yes, once you have a subscription in place, you can log in on our website and review the payment method (credit card) you entered.

If you need to add another card, you can do that yourself, and our process will use that card for the next renewal payment.

What happens if a renewal payment can't be charged to my card?

On the first day of every new month, our subscription renewals process will run, and it will attempt to charge the renewal amount to the card you entered when you subscribed.

If the first attempt to charge the card fails, for whatever reason, the system will make a few more attempts. You will also be informed about it by email. That email contains a link that you can click, to manually complete the renewal payment. While doing so, it might be a good idea to check if the card on record is still valid, and not over its spending limit.

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