Pricing for Revive Adserver Hosting (US$)

Looking for our Revive Adserver hosting pricing in Euro?

The costs for hosting of your Revive Adserver system on our platform are based on the total number of ad requests in any given month.

Start by selecting the plan that fits best with your situation:

The number of ad requests, expressed in millions, multiplied by the rate per million ad requests, determines your monthly fee.

An example to explain how the monthly invoice is calculated:

  • Let’s assume you have selected the Sea plan, with a rate of US$ 5 per block of 1 million ad requests
  • Let’s also assume that in a month, there were 125 million ad requests
  • You would then receive an invoice from us calculated as 125 x $ 5 = $ 625
  • If your monthly volume increase to more than 250 million ad requests per month, you would be better of switching to the Ocean plan

If you have a seasonal pattern, and in some months your volume of ad requests is lower than usual, here’s what happens:

  • Let’s assume you are still in the Sea plan, so the rate is US$ 5 per block of 1 million ad requests
  • However, it was a slow month and there were only 90 million ad requests
  • Even though 90 x $ 5 = $ 450, the minimum for the Sea plan is $ 500 per month, so you would receive an invoice for $ 500
  • This is still better than dropping down to the Lake plan, which would have resulted in 90 x $6 = $540

Having trouble deciding which plan is best for you?